Our releases offer a variety of ways to experience the music of the Berliner Philharmoniker. In addition to traditional CDs, we also offer high-resolution audio and video material on Blu-ray and for download. Fans of vinyl are not forgotten either. In this service area, we answer the important questions about technical formats and ordering our products. If your problem is not dealt with here, please write to us using our contact form.

Recording formats

Everything you need to know about the quality and use of our music formats

In addition to the CD format, our recordings are available as Pure Audio Blu-ray Disc, on vinyl, or as uncompressed digital audio files. Here you can find out all about the advantages and requirements of the different formats.

Pure Audio Blu-ray Disc

Our Pure Audio Blu-ray disc can be played on any standard Blu-ray player. The audio signal provides uncompressed studio quality. In addition, you will find concert videos and bonus films in HD.

Navigation without a screen:
You can also listen to the music without switching on the TV screen. Use the remote control like with a CD player and the usual buttons: play, pause, skip, track number, etc.
The red and yellow buttons on your Blu-ray remote control allow you to change sound formats, even while listening.

High Resolution Audio / 24-bit studio quality

Today's technology allows digital audio playback at a resolution that goes far beyond the level of a standard CD. Sound recordings in 24 bit correspond to the quality level of a professional recording studio, but not every device can play files of this format.


The renaissance of vinyl records is unstoppable. For many, analogue playback is the only true "High Resolution". For the Schumann and the Schubert vinyl editions, our "180 gram, Virgin Vinyl" quality standard long-playing records were produced according to the most modern standards in a renowned German factory and meet the highest audiophile demands.

CD / SACD-hybrid

This is a combination of a regular CD and the special SACD format ('Super Audio Compact Disc'). The disc can be used just like any other CD in a standard CD player. On an SACD player you can enjoy the music in higher resolution and superior sound quality (stereo and surround). Surround sound requires a corresponding surround system. 

Online store and official sales partners

Find out where our products are available

New releases on the Berliner Philharmoniker Recordings label will initially be on sale exclusively in our online shop and in the Berlin Philharmonie. We also work with selected specialist retailers.

Payment and Shipping

Accepted payment methods, processing, shipping costs, etc.

Accepted methods of payment include credit card, online bank transfer, PayPal and direct debit. Following receipt of payment, your order will be shipped via our distribution partner. Within the EU, you can choose between standard and premium shipping. Worldwide, we offer premium/trackable shipment only. Upon receipt of your order, you will receive a shipping confirmation within one working day. Delivery time within Germany is up to 2 working days, Europe up to 7 working days, all other countries up to 21 working days (without guarantee).

A detailed list of shipping costs can be found here.


Just in case, we are happy to help

We do our utmost to pack and ship the goods in the best possible condition. However, should damage or loss occur, please use our contact form stating the shipment or order number.

Music download

Releases on our own label contain download codes. Here you will find everything about how to use them.

Everyone who purchases a CD/Blu-ray release from the label Berliner Philharmoniker Recordings* is entitled to download a digital file of the entire album in the highest available studio quality, free of charge. The release contains a link to a page in our shop which can only be accessed by this link. On this page, you can select a download format, add it to your cart, then download using the code, free of charge.

*currently this applies to the symphony editions (Beethoven, Schumann and Sibelius), as well as the Schubert Edition and 'Abbado – The Last Concert'. Releases on other labels (e.g. Deutsche Grammophon or Sony) do not include download codes for our website.

Our reliable, high quality download servce is accessed through your user account in our shop. Existing accounts for the Digital Concert Hall also apply to this shop. If you do not have an account, we kindly ask you to register after adding the download product to your shopping cart. The advantage of this lies in the fact that if you experience technical problems, you can return to your user account to try the download again.

To prevent fraud, the download offer is set up like a regular product, including a price. To access the files, it is necessary to complete the entire purchasing process. Your voucher code, included in the physical product, means a 100% discount, so there are no costs involved.

Follow these steps for your free download:

  1. Add product to cart
  2. Enter code* and click "apply voucher"
  3. click "Buy"
  4. use the payment method "voucher code"
  5. Go to "My Downloadable Products" in your account

The voucher for the free download is contained in the physical versions of our own label releases (Schumann, Schubert, Sibelius, Abbado, Beethoven). Even with the code, it is necessary to complete the purchase process described above. When applying the code, the price of the product changes to € 0.00.

Some antivirus programmes warn the user before downloading a ZIP-file, which is how we deliver the audio tracks. Our files have been tested for viruses. However, we do not accept liability for the unexpected case of defects.