Simon Rattle conducts Schumann [download] 24-bit Download

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On this page you can download the 24-bit studio master files of the Schumann symphonies.

If you have a physical version of the recording (CD/Blu-ray or vinyl), you can download the files free of charge with the code provided in the package. In that case it is still necessary to complete the entire purchasing process. Your voucher code means a 100% discount, so there are no costs involved.

Follow these steps for your dowload:

  1. Add product to cart
  2. Enter code* and click "apply voucher" (if applicable)
  3. click "Buy"
  4. use the payment method "voucher code" (if applicable)
  5. Go to "My Downloadable Products" in your account

*The voucher for the free download is contained in the physical versions of Schumann's symphonies (CD / Blu-ray and vinyl).

Existing accounts for the Digital Concert Hall are valid for logging on to this website. They do not serve as free download vouchers.

Further information on our download process can be found on our service page.

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    Simon Rattle conducts Schumann [download]

    24-bit Download

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    Provided formats:
    Stereo 24/96 [FLAC / WAV]
    Stereo 24/192 [FLAC / WAV]
    5.0 Surround 24/96 [FLAC / WAV]
    5.0 Surround 24/192 [FLAC]

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