Nikolaus Harnoncourt conducts Schubert Symphonies, Masses, “Alfonso und Estrella”

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Nikolaus Harnoncourt once said, “Schubert is the composer who is closest to my heart” – and in this edition, Harnoncourt and the Berliner Philharmoniker present a brilliant and multifaceted portrait of the composer. It of course includes Schubert’s symphonies – from the too little-known early works to the “Unfinished” and the “Great” C major Symphony. With Schubert’s final two masses, central works of Romantic sacred music are also represented, plus there is a first-class discovery with the opera Alfonso und Estrella.

The performances, recorded between 2003 and 2006, are contained on eight CDs, plus there is a Blu-ray disc that presents all of the recordings in uncompressed 24-bit audio. For vinyl aficionados the 8 symphonies are available as a limited collector’s edition on 8 LP’s with a 44-page hardcover booklet.

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Harnoncourt’s case for Alfonso und Estrella is so convincing not least because of the superb cast of singers which includes Kurt Streit, Dorothea Röschmann and Christian Gerhaher. But what lies at the musical centre of this edition is the collaboration of orchestra and conductor. This Schubert is colourful and dramatic – and represents a unique synthesis in which the famous sound of the Berliner Philharmoniker is as evident as Nikolaus Harnoncourt’s familiarity with the transparency and sound speech of historical performance practice.

The high quality of the recordings is matched by the standard of the CD + Blu-ray edition’s features, with an extensive booklet, a hardback cover, and a video interview especially produced for this edition in which Nikolaus Harnoncourt talks about his special connection to Schubert.

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Diapason d'Or Award Winner
Franz Schubert
Symphony No. 1 in D major, D 82
Symphony No. 2 in B flat major, D 125
Symphony No. 3 in D major, D 200
Symphony No. 4 in C minor, D 417 “Tragic”
Symphony No. 5 in B flat major, D 485
Symphony No. 6 in C major, D 589
Symphony No. 7 in B minor, D 759 “Unfinished”
Symphony No. 8 in C major, D 944 “Great”
Mass No. 5 in A flat major, D 678
Mass No. 6 in E flat major, D 950
Alfonso und Estrella D 732, Romantic opera in three acts
Berliner Philharmoniker
Nikolaus Harnoncourt Conductor
Luba Orgonášová Soprano
Birgit Remmert Contralto
Kurt Streit Tenor
Christian Gerhaher Bass
Rundfunkchor Berlin
Dorothea Röschmann Soprano
Bernarda Fink Contralto
Jonas Kaufmann Tenor
Christian Elsner Tenor
Christian Gerhaher Bass
Rundfunkchor Berlin 
Dorothea Röschmann (Estrella)
Kurt Streit (Alfonso)
Christian Gerhaher( Froila)
Jochen Schmeckenbecher (Mauregato)
Hanno Müller-Brachmann (Adolfo)
Rundfunkchor Berlin

Bonus video
Nikolaus Harnoncourt in conversation



Available versions

  • Vinyl

    Nikolaus Harnoncourt conducts Schubert

    8 LP 180g + Download / limited and numbered
    1000 copies worldwide

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    LP 1–8 (180g virgin vinyl)
    Symphonies Nos. 1–8

    Hardcover, 44 pages

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    For high resolution audio files of 
the entire album (24 bit / up to 48 kHz)

    Digital Concert Hall
    7- Day ticket for the Berliner Philharmoniker’s video streaming service

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  • CD & Blu-ray

    Nikolaus Harnoncourt conducts Schubert

    8 CD + 1 Blu-ray + download / hardcover edition

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    CD 1 - 4
    Symphonies Nos. 1–8

    CD 5 - 6
    Masses Nos. 5 & 6

    CD 7 - 8
    Alfonso und Estrella

    Blu-ray Disc
    All recordings in Pure Audio 24-bit / 48 kHz
    [2.0 PCM Stereo 5.0 DTS-HD MA 24-bit]

    Nikolaus Harnoncourt in conversation
(Bonus video)
    [Full HD 16:9, Region Code: ABC (worldwide)]

104 pages / German, Englisch

For high resolution audio files of
the entire album (24-bit / 48 kHz)

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  • Download

    Nikolaus Harnoncourt conducts Schubert

    24-bit Download

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    Provided Formats
    Stereo 24/48 [FLAC / WAV]
    5.0 Surround 24/48 [FLAC / WAV]

    Digital Booklet
104 pages / German, Englisch

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