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50 Years of the Philharmonie Berlin – a Journey through Time

The Philharmonie Berlin, created by Hans Sharoun, is an architectural icon of the 20th Century. For 50 years now it has been the home to the Berliner Philharmoniker. This paperback book tells the story of the building by travelling through time. The first three chapters look at the early beginnings of the orchestra, up until the destruction of the ‚old Philharmonie’ in 1944. The book describes the difficult post-war situation and the endeavour to find a new building for the ‚homeless’ orchestra. It then covers the time from the architectural selection process up to the present day.

This book journey through the last five decades covers all possible aspects of this fascinating building: the construction phase, the architectural qualities, the acoustics, the prototype character for other concert halls and – last, but not least – the countless musical highlights that took place in the Philharmonie.

The book includes a complete English translation.

  • 50 Years of the Philharmonie Berlin – a Journey through Time

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